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15 Best Night Suits for Kids That Will Ensure Cosy and Comfortable Bedtimes

by Indieprojectstore Team on October 03, 2020

The pandemic has brought back daytime pyjama wearing!

COVID-19 has forced families to stay indoors indefinitely awaking the sleepaholics in our kids. Most parents have discovered the unique benefits of letting their little ones linger in their pyjamas.

Breaking news:Night Suits for Kids are no longer restricted only for the night.

As parents you know what it means to have your kids sleep interrupted.Especially if you are working from home, believe us,you do not want to have a cranky little one around.

One thing you can do to ensure that your kids are cosy and comfortable when they sleep is to slip them into those perfectly designed night suits for your kids.

night suits for your kids

Spending time in study, play and learning new things can be quite exhausting for your kids. By finding the perfect kid’s night suit, you would be giving them quite an incentive to go to bed happily.

Now comes the most pertinent question: how to select Night Suits for Kids.

How to select night suits for kids?

As you are aware your tiny tots have their own taste. Though your main preference is their comfort, you must take their personal choices into consideration as well, which are often erratic. Here are a few tips and options for you to figure out which sleepwear is best for you little one.

This is an acronym you do well to remember: FACT (fabric, accurate size, colour, type)


This is the most important factor that makes a difference between your kid’s sleep being comfortable or the child having a disturbed sleep. Soft cotton and organic cotton not only make your kids feel comfortable but also ensure that their sensitive skin is not irritated. Select light, soft, breathable cotton night suits for your kids.

Accurate size

It is a fact that children grow out of the clothes they wear before their clothes wear out.

One mistake a parent often makes is that of buying oversized clothes. Ensurethat your kid’s night suits are not too tight, they should be breathable, and are not too loose that they get entangled in their own clothes and wake up in a scare.


Kids love brighter tones. Keep in mind your little one’s favourite colour when you shop for kid’s night suits.

Type of night suit

There are various options for you to choose from comfy onesies to pyjama sets. The best thing is to have a few options ready so that you can use them according to the climate.

Here are 15 great options to choose from:

  1. Nightset multi

This bright multi-coloured two-piece girl’s night suit is made of cotton angrakhaand is designed to keep your little one comfortable through the night. This is available with or without sleeves making it a perfect choice both for winter and summer times.

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  1. Counting sheep

Even for adults who cannot sleep the moment they hit the bed it is suggested that counting relaxes the mind. If you child has been active, this activity driven kids’ night suit is the arsenal you need to get your bundle of joy to sleep.

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  1. Rickshaw print

Vehicles are not just for boys so do not hesitate to opt for a rickshaw print sleepwear even for your baby girl.This is available in all sizes from 1 year old to 7 years old.

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  1. Circus elephant

Circus make both young and old happy. The circus elephant printed kids’ night suit is the perfect option for kids who want to remain comfortable through out their play time.

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  1. Smiling clouds

This kurta pyjama styled white kids sleepwear is made from soft cotton. A perfect choice for warmer climates.

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  1. Happy elephants

Happy elephants with balloons print all over is bound to bring a smile on to the face of your little one. Currently it is available for ages 7 and 8.

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  1. Nightset light green

This trendy cotton reversible girl’s night suit is best in style and comfortable. It is available from ages 1-4. What more, right now you can avail a 40% discount.

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  1. Dancing dino

These cute dino-print pyjamas are made from 100% soft cotton to ensure 100% comfort.

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  1. Green hearts and elephants eter pan collar

This delightful night suit for kids with a hearts and elephant print comes with a Peter Pan collar and an elastic waist pyjama. It is available for 6-month-old babies to 6 year oldchilden.

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  1. Fluffy furry cat

Ideal for cat lovers, this shirt style kids sleepwear is made from soft cotton. It is available for ages 1 to 10.


  1. Polar bear

Made from soft cotton, this polar bear printed kids’ night pyjamas are designed in kurta style. This could be purchased for a 6-month-old to 6 years old.

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  1. Floral dreams

This sleepwear for baby girls is a full-sleeved tee with a full-length pyjama. It is made from organic cotton has stretchy cuffs on sleeves and ankles to facilitate easy wear. This girl’s night suit is available in all sizes from 2 years to 12 years.

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  1. Just chilling

This Soft cotton kid’s sleepwear with bird prints comes with a collar styled top and a pyjama with an elastic waist.

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  1. Green popsicle

Made from organic cotton, this sleepwear for baby girls is ideal for those kids that sweat a lot as they sleep or for warmer summer days.


  1. Playful penguin

This is a perfect choice for a penguin fan at your home. It is made from 100% soft cotton for a comfortable sleep.

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