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5 Ways Kids Can Wear a Kurta as a Traditional Dress

by Indieprojectstore Team on March 25, 2021

Whether you’ve a young girl or a boy, it’s quite challenging to find the best traditional dress for kids. An ethnic dress is made up of heavy materials and comes with embellished patterns. However, kids may not feel comfortable while wearing embellishments and materials. That’s why they love to wear casual dress; but some special occasions deserve traditional wear.

When it comes to buying traditional dresses for children, there are so many options you’ve to come across. You need to focus on comfort while dressing up kids in traditional wear. Out of all traditional dresses for kids, kurtas make a right choice. Even, you can consider experimenting with almost any kind of style; but you need to remember the occasions and the cloth texture.

In fact, there are so many styles of kurtas available to choose from. A unique combination of traditional and contemporary is ideal for kids. Take a look at a few kurta combos you should consider while purchasing a tradition dress for kids.


  1. Kurta with Denim

When you combine a kurta with denim, it can really work well for almost every occasion. You need to ensure that the kurta color is vibrant and complements the denim. Both girls and boys can wear a kurta with denim.

This combination looks classy and never goes out of style. If you’re looking to buy effortless attire, then you should look no further than the kurta and denim combo.


  1. Kurta with a Jacket and Pant.

Want to add a unique twist to a boring kurta? If yes, why don’t you go for a kurta with a jacket! You can pair up the kurta with a pant or pajama and jacket to complete the look. Generally, jacket makes the whole ensemble appealing while make it unique in terms of style.

You can go for a light color jacket and vibrant tone kurta and vice-versa. It can be better to add some motifs to a jacket, making the whole outfit a traditional wear.


  1. Kurta with Dhoti Pant

Apart from buying a kurta with pant, why don’t you buy a dhoti pant! It’s very much in trend and looks ethnic when combined with a kurta. The combo of a kurta and a dhoti pant is in vogue. This traditional attire is comfortable to wear.

A dhoti pant is available in different colors so that you can match any color dhoti pant with your kurta. This traditional style works really well for both young boys and girls.


    1. Kurta with a Dupatta

    A dupatta can bring in a traditional flair to any outfit. Even if you add a shimmery dupatta to a boy’s simple kurta, it can give your outfit an ethnic touch. A kurta, pajama and a dupatta makes a simple and trendy combination. You can play with different dupatta colors or choose a shimmery dupatta to get a glamorous look.


    1. Kurta with a Skirt for Girls

    Currently, flowy skirts are much in trend. The skirt looks fashionable and is very much comfortable to wear. While buying a traditional dress for young girls, you should ensure that the kurta is of short length so that it can complement the skirt very well. Even skirts are available in different colors and it’s easy to match them with almost any style kurta.

    Final Consideration –

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