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Buying Night Suits for Kids – Things to Consider!

by Admin Indie Project Store on May 04, 2020

Summers are around the corner! Are you all set to make this summer contented and comfortable for your kids? Are you looking for trending night suits for kids that will help them enjoy a good night's sleep? We at Indie Project Store understand the need for a comfy and practical night suit for kids as well as we keep our collection up to date with the current trends so that you can find the best fashion stuff with us. 

We at Indie Project Store realize that parents always want their kids to be dressed comfortably yet stylishly. That is why; our collection carries dresses that offer utmost comfort to kids. Be it summer or winter or rainy season, kids are super busy all day long, and hence they need deep and sound sleep at night to rejuvenate from within and get ready for the next day hullabaloo.

Night Suits for Kids

To bring them to night mode and unplug their energy batteries, cool and comfortable night suits for kids play a vital role. Whether you wish them to listen to your bedtime stories or cuddle up with you, the first thing you need to do is calm them down and make them feel cozy with you, and for that, nothing is better than dressing them up in cool night suit. However, there are certain things that you need to consider while buying the night wears for your kids.

Let us have a look at the things to consider while buying night suits for kids –

  • Fabric 

As far as kids’ night suits are concerned, the first thing that needs to be taken into consideration is its fabric. Always remember that skin of kids is sensitive, and hence while choosing the night suits for kids, make sure that the fabric is soft and has a feel-good factor. We recommend soft cotton night wears like kurta pyjamas for kids. Soft cotton fabric does not irritate the sensitive skin of the kids and offers the utmost comfort while sleeping. So go for soft, breathable, and light cotton night suits for your kids.

  • Fitting

While buying night wears for kids, it is also vital to check the fitting/size. Nightwear should fit your kid effectively i.e.; it should neither be too tight nor be too loose or oversized! Usually, we have seen parents buying oversized night suits for their kids, keeping their growth rate in mind, but we often suggest them to buy the right fitting suits as oversized ones might get your kids entangled in their own clothes while sleeping. Such things hamper their sleep often!

  • Color

Color and kids are intertwined. Kids have a great color sense, so get your kids the night suits of the shade they love the most. Most kids are drawn towards bright tones such as baby pinks, neon greens, and aquamarines and alike. So as a parent, you need to know what color attracts your kid the most and then get them night suits of that particular shade and see a happy smile on their face.

  • Style and Prints

The style and prints on the nightwear too matter a lot. As far as style is concerned, fashion keeps changing, so make sure to stay updated with the latest trends in which we can help you as we stay up to date with the trend. Similarly, talking about prints, we carry a variety of printed night suits for kids like rickshaw print kurta pyjama, circus elephant print kurta pyjama, multi-colored nigh set, pink flower night set, and more.

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