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15 most comfortable, Quirky Face Masks for Kids in India during COVID 19

by Indieprojectstore Team on September 04, 2020

There is no greater warrior than a mother protecting her child. - N.K Jemisin


That is a fact about all you who are mothers. You would go to any length to protect your little one from all harm, including the Coronavirus, and we respect you for your love and diligence in caring for your children.

This pandemic has especially posed a unique threat to our little ones while throwing various challenges and raising several questions. Questions such as:

  • Should my two-year-old wear a mask?
  • Do face masks for kids really protect my child?
  • Are the kids face masks available online in India?
  • Which is the best face mask for kids?
  • How can I convince my child to wear and keep the mask?

Take a breath, please!

We understand your concern, and in this blog, we would like to answer all of the above questions to help you make an informed decision.

Let us begin with the first one.

Should My Two-Year-Old Wear A Face Mask?

According to a leaflet published by a medical body in Japan, parents are warned not to put face masks on infants under two years old because it makes it difficult to notice the changes in breathing, expression, and face color.

Since infants have narrower airways, face masks can restrict their breathing leading to suffocation.

Besides, the risk of infants getting infected by Coronavirus is minimal.

But then what about children above two years old?

Do face masks for kids really protect my child?

Coronavirus is unbiased, so to speak, it poses the same threat both to children and adults alike.

It is noted that the largest amount of transmission occurs early in the course of the disease, perhaps even before a person starts to show any symptoms.

Research suggests that the use of a mask will help limit the transmission from asymptomatic carriers of the virus, perhaps relatives or friends who would love to play with your kids.

The Center for disease control and prevention advises that children aged 2 years and above must wear a face mask over their nose and mouth, especially if they are around people who are not part of their own household.

WHO has advised that children aged 5 years and above, especially those who can wear a mask with minimal assistance, must use a face mask.

It is a well-known fact that Coronavirus can affect children who are prone to infections. Health conditions such as anemia and diabetes or any other disabilities make children more vulnerable to this ruthless virus.

Those kids that have poorer immunity due to certain deficiencies might be more at risk of developing an especially severe infection if they are exposed to the virus.

Not wearing a face mask when in public is as risky as racing without a helmet!

That being said, you might wonder if kids face masks are available online in India?

Are the kids face masks available online in India?

Yes, of course!
We at Indie Project Store have given special attention to this urgent requirement of face masks for kids. We have made available a wide variety of kids face masks online that you can choose from.

What is the best mask for kids?

Your little one’s skin is delicate and harsh materials can irritate their skin, so getting them a small cloth face mask would be the best choice.

The key is to find a face mask that fits well and feels comfortable so that your kiddos do not keep fidgeting with it.

You also need a mask that can absorb kids drool. Synthetic masks can get soaked with the kid’s drool within a few seconds. So, there you go: cotton masks are clear winners!

Remember, if you really want your kids protected, do not use your large masks on their tiny faces. Look for vendors who make kids face masks.

Here we have listed 15 face masks for kids that your kids would love to flaunt.

1. Reusable Mask- Pink Unicorn

Kids are drawn to the Unicorn because they find their innocent look harmless. They love it for their eternal beauty and might build up in their mind thrilling stories about unicorns.

Reusable Mask - Pink Unicorn

With an embroidered Pink Unicorn, these enchanting reusable kids face mask is available in two sizes. Since it is made of 3 ply breathable 100% fine cotton, your kiddo is less likely to experience feelings of suffocation. The design not only allows for a good fit but is also comfortable on the ears.

2. Ikat Double Layer Elastic Mask

This fabric made with Indonesian or Sambalpuri dying techniques is one of the finest hand looms available in India.

Ikat Double Layer Elastic Mask

This carefully crafted kids cloth mask is about 70% as effective as a surgical mask. You can buy a variety of kids' masks online for children between the age of 5-12. For those who like variety, it is available in a pack of three.

3. Kalamkari Snug Fit Elastic Face Mask

Made with double-layered fine cotton, these face masks for kids is perfectly designed for smaller and petite faces.

Kalamkari Snug Fit Elastic Face Mask

These up cycled kids’ cloth masks are created with kalamkari design.

You can buy these kids’ masks online in a pack of three.

4. Tweety Bird Face Mask for Kids

Originally known as sweet, this most popular Looney Tunes character has been an all-time favorite for kids all over the world.

Tweety Bird Face Mask for Kids

This attractive kids’ face mask is available in both small and medium sizes.

5. Blue Unicorn Kids Face Mask

Until recently, the Blue Unicorn was only available in the form of soft toys, but hey, all the kids who love blue unicorns can now have it on their face masks too.

Reusable Mask - Blue Unicorn

Beautifully handcrafted breathable face mask for kids is available for two categories of children: 2-5 years and 6-11years.

6. Lion Face Mask for Kids

Some preschoolers love to act like a lion. Their ‘roar some’ talk is not just amusing but also helps them to explore and interact in different ways.

Reusable Mask - Lion

This face mask can satisfy your inquisitive little lion at home.

Available in two sizes, it is a wonderful choice for both boys and girls.

7. Citrus Mask for Children

The citrus mask is a breathable organic cotton mask for the entire family because it is available in three sizes: 3-6 years, 7-11 years, and adults.

Citrus Mask

Corona might be one of your major concerns. Besides the virus, the double layer of this mask protects your loved ones from dust, pollutants, smog, and other particles.

Being organic, this is best suited for all those who are prone to fabric allergies.

8. Blue Blooms Mask

Blue is a calming color, the color of the ocean and the sky. It symbolizes serenity, stability, and inspiration.

Blue Blooms Mask

For those who wish to be inspired and for those who are looking for calm, the Blue Blooms mask is an apt choice.

The functional cup shape allows for a snug fit without causing any discomfort.

9. Astronaut Mask for Kids

Kids are intrigued by the mystery of astronomical bodies such as stars, galaxies, planets, and asteroids. They are so beautiful and yet so far.

Astronaut Mask

The Astronaut mask adds that motivational element for your little astronaut.

This is also made from comfortable organic cotton, free from toxic chemicals.

10. Cloudy Mask

Kids can spend a large amount of time looking for shapes in the wispy clouds that decorate the clear blue sky. This beautiful combination of blue and white is mesmerizing.

Cloudy Mask

Cloudy Mask is available in one size: ages 7-11

11. Gumball Mask

The colorful animation of the Amazing World of Gumball has lots of quirky and unusual characters that appeal to children. This would be the best option for gumball fans.

Gumball Mask

The twin-layer of this kid’s cloth mask offers protection from dust, bacteria, and other particles that are dangerous for your little one, besides protecting them from the virus.

12. Apricot Blooms Mask

Apricot blooms mask suits those who love sober colors. This kids’ face mask is more suitable for girls.

Apricot Blooms Mask

It is perfectly shaped to rest comfortably on the bridge of the nose without pulling the ears.

You can be assured that the vendor will prepare your package will all safety precautions in place.

13. Squiggle Mask

Squiggle is a reusable, reversible and, washable mask with twin-layers and comes with different colors and prints on both sides. It is a perfect choice for those who would like to match their clothes with their masks.

Squiggle Mask

This breathable organic mask is made available for all age groups from 3-11 years and adults too.

14. Here A Monkey Mask for Kids

Monkeys are the most fun-loving animals. They continue to entertain both young and old alike. Here a monkey mask design is created to cater to those who love to juggle and the fun factor of the juggle.

Here a Monkey Mask

This easy to wash, breathable organic cotton kids face mask completely covers your kids face with no gaps.

15. Scridoodle Mask for your Kids

Scridoodle Mask, with its playful prints, allows your kids to talk easily. You know how some kids love to talk constantly. Just ensure that you choose the right size for your kiddo.

Scridoodle Mask

This face mask for kids is only available in one size: 7-11 years old.

How can I convince my child to wear and keep the mask?

Because children cannot see the smiling face behind the mask, they might be a little scared to see a person wearing a mask and might even resist your gentle urges to wear a mask themselves.

Here are a few tips to help your kid wear a mask:

  • Lovingly explain to them how to put a mask on and how to take them off.
  • Give your kids time to watch and practice wearing a mask before they might need to wear it outside of your home.
  • Introduce the mask with a sense of play. Perhaps they can pretend to be a doctor or a nurse wearing a mask.
  • Help them to feel a sense of ownership and control by allowing them to decorate their mask or even chose their mask.