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Comfort Wear by Indie Project Store

by Admin Indie Project Store on July 13, 2019

Comfort for any kid is in the hands of the mother (hands up/down – pun intended: P) and the next best things are the ones that our mom carefully sieve through the plethora of collections at stores looking out mainly for the softness and quality of the fabric (no one wants a cranky kid). After this comes the design. Design? For kids? Uh-huh, Yes. Of course, why not?! You see, we know what moms want for their children and how? Well, cause here, at Indie Project Store, it is not one person/mom who ideates but an entire team of mothers from different walks, who research, curate, experiment and brainstorm on products before inviting the whole world in.

And this is why we take pride in the quality of our selections, a belief which has over the years been reinforced from the feedback and testimonials from our customers' review, who also state that our garments retain the same softness wash after wash (one of the reasons why we have repeat customers)

Cotton has been the center stone for all our fabric selections and there is a reason to that. ”Comfort!” And who says that kids can wear comfort-wear only at home? Check our latest collection for more.

Comfort Wear by Indie Project Store

Blogpost by Kamala Palaniappan