Snuggle Diaries

Long-time back, we all had our own personal favourite ads and some of us (people like me) used to wait eagerly to see them on the TV. I still remember the girl in the white dress swirling in the Nirma ad or the Cadbury girl running through the field dancing.
These ads have had a special place in our childhood and they are as
precious as some of our toys or the moments we had with our friends then. 
Fast forward a few years and comes the digital age today and it has become
possible and fairly easy to reach out and make a difference, being aware or simply
put a smile on the faces of our loved ones.
My Approach 
Let the kids be kids. I prioritise emotions over everything else because it's the emotions which makes us who we are i.e. humans. Emotions help us to connect with others. My usual approach to a shoot is to keep the kids routine, nap time in mind. Planning the activities and keeping their personalities in mind is also an important part of my process. Unposed, real, raw and authentic!! 
Why Me
I strongly believe in the power of childhood memories and my work revolves around them. It’s the feeling of holding onto a connection, safety and inspiration from things we surrounded ourselves with. It gives me immense pleasure to work with kids and their mothers and help them make the memories permanent.
Three tips before planning a photo shoot with Kids 
Firstly, Timings - Time and duration is crucial because of kids nap times and  you shouldn’t disturb that. Best to coordinate in a way that they are mostly happy and active during the shoot hours. Also, the duration needs to be as short as possible as Kids tend to get overstimulated. 
Secondly, Respecting their Personalities - Kids are small beings with huge personalities. It is important to respect them when they are shy or just not in the mood. Less people for shoot and preferably only parents keeping the mood light and actually having fun always does the trick for me. 
Thirdly, Silence - During a shoot it is normal for parents to get overwhelmed and ask kids to smile or do certain things. At times when camera is rolling doing nothing works wonders. Kids tend to explore and be fun by themselves. Give it time and good vibes.
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