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Trendy Kids Casual Fashion for Summer Days-to keep them cool and protected

by Indieprojectstore Team on September 14, 2020

“Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life”-Bill Cunningham, Fashion Photographer.

With the sun’s rays being more intense during the summers in India, it is important to keep your kid’s skin covered with the right kind of clothes that is comfortable, yet fashionable. Choosing casual dresses for kids can be pretty simple once you get the basics sorted out. Do you find yourself wondering how to protect them from the scorching heat yet keep them in style? 

Wonder no more!

With your kid’s comfort as the priority, we have amazing tips to keep your little one safe and comfortable during the summer heat.

Fabrics that work

As summer approaches, sweating takes a toll on our health and fashion and since kids are more sensitive you can only imagine their plight!

Kids casual dresses, be it silk or cotton, need to be soft. Avoid any fabric that makes the child sweat too much as it can cause rashes or worse yet lead to eczema. 

Most parents are into “mini-me” fashion where they want to dress up their kid in something that looks similar to theirs. Your baby girls’ casual dress need not have an hour-glass look. Even if you looking for a casual dress for your little girl that is similar to yours, change the fabrics a little.

Check out this baby girls casual dress: Multi dots frock

Check out this baby boys casual dress: Zari styled top-mustard

Light and loose makes it easy

Throughout the summer it is important to keep your baby girl dressed in light-colored, loose-fitting clothes. Let your little one breathe easy in cotton.

When choosing kids casual wear for the summer it is best to avoid cinched waists as they can irritate their delicate skin. Today, kids love fashion, but they also love fun; they are more concerned about running around and playing. So, the casual dresses for kids must primarily be something that is comfortable in which the kids can have fun. 

Check out this casual dress for girls: Butterfly frock-brown

Check out this casual dress for boys: Neemboo mandarin swing-Magenta Ikat

Pick low maintenance over high in design

Groom your kids for school by ensuring the right fit.

Remember, frumpy is not cool!

Whether you choose shorts, a shirt, or a T-shirt ensure that the size is neither too tight nor too large as it might look frumpy and worse yet could get uncomfortable for your little one. 

It is better not to use high-maintenance clothes such as those that are too lacy or require dry-cleaning each time it needs a wash.

Check out this kid’s casual wear online: Neemboo swing n flare-green; Neemboo standing lines sleeping lines-dark blue

Shop for sheen, not for jazz

Does your precious one need to do a performance? Or is there a little party to attend? Look for casual dresses for kids made out of mercerized cotton such as cotton silk because they are silk-like and do not shrink easily.

It is a shame to buy your baby boy a casual dress that has no use later or has to be thrown away. 

Boys’ casual dresses could include a shirt paired with pants and baby girls dresses could include a midi-dress. Though darker colors might be easy to maintain, brighter colors look much better. 

Check out this baby girls’ causal dress: Green Bow Frock; Chettinadu Print

Check out this baby boys’ causal dress:  Pastel green shirt paired with dhothi.

Dress them to get messy

Summer days are all about movements and playing. 

Long dresses could become a trip hazard to your kids and so make sure the lengths of their outfits are correct. Better yet, go for shorts with T-shirts or skirts and tops. Ensure that their shorts do not keep dropping, it can be a nuisance for your child.

Short summer dresses can be a great option. Kids are bound to get messy, so instead of lighter colors that look dirty soon, opt for a darker color. Overalls also are a great choice.

Check out this baby girls causal dress: Little peoples label

Check out this baby boys causal dress:  Hoodie shirt

How will you be dressing your kids in the summer? With our tips, we are confident that you and your kids are ready to smile back at the scorching sun in the summer months.