Storytelling and DIY Art Sessions by Lil Trails

Janaki Sabesh (a renowned TV & Theatre artist) will narrate a story for 20 - 25 Minutes followed by a Craft activity by Lil Trails Team that is based on the story. The children can create the craft along with guided instructions from Lil Trails.

Tutu and Zola Ventriloquism Act

A fun session with Yoko Rai, who is a professional music teacher and performer. The set has a story of a Lion Tutu and fun sing along session with Zola.

Move with Joy

Move with Joy' focuses on getting children to form a connection with their bodies, experience the joy of music and movement and also to keep them connected with their innate creativity. Through the most imaginative and fun ways, children learn the foundations of dance: coordination, balance, spatial awareness, rhythm, pattern recognition and memorization, expressiveness and creative thinking. 

Playart – Where Art Meets Play 

Dabble is the 1st company in India to launch toxin-free and fun art products for early childhood. A Women-lead start-up incubated at NSRCEL, IIM Bangalore. Received the Elevate Award for Innovation from the Government of Karnataka in March 2020.  Dabble conducts fun PlayArt workshops for families to bond over play and art. The participants are encouraged to sing along and then eventually move into exploring different mediums of self-expression through colors.

Parenting Toddlers Workshop

Online discussion on raising children with unconditional love, compassion & empathy. This workshop revolves around gentle parenting philosophy that promotes holistic approach to managing emotional development in toddlers, during the course of the workshop following areas are discussed;

- Handling Tantrums

- Communicating Effectively With Children

- How to Parent Peacefully (No Yelling & Hitting )

- Screen Times

- Stress Free Meal Times

Shadow Puppetry

Engaging fun stories with shadow puppetry. 

BioEnzyme Workshop 

Bioenzyme is an alcohol/vinegar based multi-purpose home cleaner that you can make at home using nothing but your kitchen wastes like fruit and vegetable peels. This is an extremely effective cleaner, disinfectant, pest-repellent and stain remover, with a whole host of uses. This natural cleaner can single-handedly replace all the other cleaners used at your home, making your living space 100% chemical free and eco friendly

Lil Warriors Kids Awareness Program


A child safety awareness program that covers the following topics;

  1. Safe, confusing and unsafe touches – understanding the private parts and various touches using soft toys the kids have at home.
  2. Safety Alerts to follow - Quiz
  3. The unsafe touch could be by a man or woman, boy or girl, a stranger or someone you know. Making children aware how the unsafe touches could be caused. Draw a picture of the most trusted person/s in your life.
  4. Good and bad secrets. (Using real life scenarios and situations to understand the difference.
  5. I am in charge of my body and I decide what touches feel safe and good and which feel unsafe and bad – recap all points discussed above.