Bumpadum Duet Stay Dry Diaper - Starry Night

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Bumpadum cloth diapers are waterproof and do not create a mess when peed/pooped in. Each diaper holds for about 3 - 4 hours without any leaks. This means it can be used both at home and when outside during shopping and traveling! Your baby will be absolutely comfortable in Bumpadum cloth diapers. The fabric which touches your baby’s bottom doesn't let any wetness remain on the skin. All liquids are quickly absorbed by this layer and the surface remains dry to the touch. Bumpadum diapers have most of the pros of disposable diapers, with none of the cons. The biggest difference is that once used, Bumpadum diapers would be washed and reused, whereas a disposable diaper would find its way to a landfill, adding to the garbage woes of the world. Yes, there is some effort involved in washing the diapers, but the effort is negligible when compared to the savings provided by Bumpadum cloth diapers - both economical and environmental. You save 30%-70% of what you spend on disposable diapers by choosing Bumpadum Cloth Diapers. Please visit www.bumpadum.com for guidelines on how to use our products. You can contact us at support@bumpadum.com for any questions/queries.



Outer shell - 100% polyester, insert- hemp, organic cotton, polyester.

Wash and care:

Wash once before usage with recommended powder detergent. After usage, if pooped in - knock off solids and using a health faucet, remove any poop remnants. If only pee, rinse with cold/room temperature water, squeeze out extra water and hang on sides of bucket. If you are washing by machine, start with a rinsing cycle (or pre-wash cycle) with a little bit of detergent - about 15 to 20 mins. After doing prewash, you can add other baby clothes as well.
We recommend using one of these three detergents: Rustic Art Little Laundry, Surf Excel or Tide Original Unscented. The washing part of the cycle needs to be at least 30 mins long to ensure clean diapers. Rinsing and spinning time extra. Do not use liquid detergents, disinfectants or handbrush. 


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