Newborn SUPERSOFT cover diaper + 1 dry-feel soaker (Purple Love) with velcro closure

Vendor : Superbottoms
Rs. 599.00


Size : 0 to 5 Months.

Shipping : 4 to 6 Working Days

Non Refundable / Non Returnable Item.

Superbottoms Newborn Cover Diaper is ideally suited for new babies from 15 days upto around 5 months (The age range can vary from child to child).

Since a newborn baby’s poop frequency can be high, we provide cover diapers for newborn because you can simple change the soaker and reuse the outer. Extra soakers are available too here

Structure: The diaper has a Waterproof outer shell and comes with 1 stay-dry soaker. The soakers are lined with a high-quality stay-dry fabric that keeps baby skin dry even if baby urinates on it

Once a soaker (pad) is full, you can simply replace it with a fresh pad! Thus, even the fabric touching your baby’s skin is clean and fresh every time you change the pad – keeping skin healthy and hygienic

If you want more absorbency, you can use it with our Newborn Organic Bamboo Cotton Booster. This Booster can be attached to the dry-feel soaker using the centre snap. You can buy them here

How to use:

STEP 1: ALWAYS wash the diaper atleast once before use using detergent.Skipping this step CAN CAUSE leaks.

STEP 2: ALWAYS size diaper before use using the front panel of snaps. There are 6 snaps in front meant for reducing size. The size must be such that there are NO GAPS around the thigh.

A loose diaper can be uncomfortable for babies.

STEP 3: Place 1 soaker and fasten it using snaps onto the cover. IF the cover is reduced in size, FOLD the soaker also to fit in.

**The soaker must lie FLAT on the cover properly**

This pack contains one Superbottoms Cover + 1 dry-feel soaker. The entire diaper and soakers are completely washable and reusable.

Always keep the smoother side touching baby skin.

The diaper has snaps to increase / decrease size to fit on any baby between 2.5-6 kg of weight (approx) When you receive the diaper, do make sure to open the snaps and then adjust to the right size.

This diaper comes with Velcro closure for waist. ALWAYS close the laundry tabs before washing the diaper.

Wash and care Instructions :

Cloth diapers don’t need any special treatment. Below is the wash routine that we recommend on regular basis:

*Hand wash routine:

If diaper has been pooped in, knock poop off, rinse diaper and keep
If diaper has been peed in, it can be stored as it is (without rinsing) till wash .
‎store In a lightly covered bucket or wetbag.
To wash:

Rinse diapers with plain water
‎soak for not more than 30 minutes in warm/regular water adding detergent In a bucket.
‎wash using regular detergent such as surf or tide
Do not use any detergent with fabric softeners or conditioners. Do not use dettol. Do not use Brush.
Agitate properly
Rinse thoroughly till soap suds are gone
‎line dry
**Machine wash routine:

If diaper has been pooped in, knock poop off, rinse diaper and keep
If diaper has been peed in, it can be stored as it is till wash
‎store in a lightly covered bucket or wet bag.
To wash:

No soaking needed
‎You can put all diapers in machine directly.
‎No need to rinse only pee diapers
‎If you are washing with other garments, it is good to rinse the pee diapers or run a prewash cycle in machine. This cycle cleans off the pee before the actual wash cycle.
‎Wash on regular cycle NOT gentle cycle
‎Run an extra rinse
‎Use regular detergent in regular amounts such as surf or tide
‎Spin dry or line dry
If you have hard water, do use water softeners.

We recommend washing the diapers at least once every 2 days

For more Do’s and Dont’s you can read this up-

Additional tip : Do not use talcum powder or rash cream with cloth diapers. You may use coconut oil to keep the baby’s skin moisturised *