SuperBackPack – Diaper Bag for parents on the go (RimZim)

Vendor : Superbottoms
Rs. 2,199.00


Size : One Size

Length : 11, Width : 5 , Height : 17.5

Non-refundable / Non-returnable.

Shipping : 4 to 6 Working Days.

The most awesome, versatile bag ever- SUPER BACKPACK is here!!!
Now, outings are going to be more fun! No more hunting for stuff, no more carrying different bags!

SUPER BACKPACK is the SOLUTION to all your travelling needs, solo or with your little one.

Superbottoms SuperBackPack is the PERFECT bag for parents on-the-go!

With very thoughtfully placed compartments, you can easily reach out to most things without having to remove the bag from your back. With a baby that is just so convenient!

– Designed by a mother herself, this bag has it all

– It comes with 17 compartments for your to carry your baby’s world in

– 4 separate compartments for baby bottles

– Insulated compartment to keep baby food and milk warm

– We have a special quick access compartment (our favorite) to keep the things you need most, handy like keys, pen, favorite teether, some candy, and petty change

– Special side compartments, which are very spacious for all other important stuff like your wallet, burp clothes, toys etc

– With so many compartments you can keep all your diapers and fresh pair of clothes in the bag easily

– A special easy access wipes slot helps you reach out to the wipes easily if there’s a mess

– Ergonomic, supports your back. Extra padding and extra supportive front lock for comfortable travel

The perfect parent backpack you were looking for is here!


 Wipe clean the bag with wet cloth.