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The Calendar Story

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Age group : 1.5 - 8 Years.


The kids can now plan their own monthly activity!

And what is better is that the calendar comes accompanied by The Calendar Story which is a book authored by us which outlines each month and its associated festivals for our kids to understand the concept of days, dates, weeks, months and planning for the year.

What makes the calendar great funis the stickers! 

Every week, it is convenient for kids to look at the stickers sheet, look for the activities and plans that their parent has made for them for the week and paste it on the calendar near the date.

Voila - you have your calendar ready!

Stickers for birthdays, extra- curricular activities, classes, parties, events can be put up, so your child and other caretakers are in the know about their schedule.

This calendar has a lot of perks, as it can be easily understood by anyone just with the help of stickers!

So even when you aren’t around, your kid won’t miss out anything planned for that day.

Counting down to birthdays or Christmas or Diwali has never been so much fun! This is our way of assisting the child in learning days of the week, months of the year, and the significance of each festival or occasion and the roles that they play!

So, let’s get started!

Key Skills – Planning, Time Management, Memory Skills,Learn Days of the Week and Months of the Year, Festivals, Important Dates, Language Skills, Cognitive Reasoning and Identification

Material :

Paper, Cardboard.

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