Who are we? 

Indie Project Store is the brainchild of Shilpi Sharma Bedi, a mum curious about the products she purchased and on a hunt to source the very best for her child. Unable to find designs and fabrics suited to her tastes and what she was looking for. Shilpi reached out to her best friend Satya Nagarajan to start this together and in 2016 Indie Project Store (IPS) was conceived. Indie Project Store’s apparel quickly gained recognition for their contemporary designs in kids clothing (0-5 years) using traditional Indian fabrics becoming a one of a kind store for modern mums. Owing to its success, Shilpi had collaborated and interacted with other local brands and businesses in India and was aware of the vast resources and talent that existed. To meet the ever growing demand of their products among the Indian parenting community, Shilpi looked into curating pieces that fit the values and vision that Indie Project Store stands for. Indie Project Store slowly became the platform that it now is, for other small home based brands to showcase their products to a larger audience, making it easily accessible to like-minded parents out there. This was only possible because of the trust and credibility that Shilpi and the Indie Project Store had gained within the parenting community over the years. Indie Project Store today, has grown to be not just a marketplace but, a community driven by strong ethos and values to ensure the best of products and services are made accessible to the Indian parenting community. 

Shilpi Sharma Bedi & Satya Nagarajan - Co-founders (Indie Project Store)

What are we about? 

Indie Project Store is a home grown clothing brand for children ages 0-5 years. Over the years, Indie Project Store has evolved into an eCommerce platform curating products from local brands across children’s fashion, bedding, education, health and nutrition. Indie Project Store is driven by a strong vision to encourage and support women run businesses and local women with income generating avenues. To achieve, this Indie Project Store employs and works with local craftsmen and NGO’s (Non-Governmental Organisations) rather than setting up a manufacturing unit, as a way to give back to the community and provide more income generating opportunities pan India. Shilpi soon found that the Indie Project Store community grew quickly and so were their needs as well, from just looking for products, parents had started reaching out to enquire about services to assist them in their parenting journey. With the help of first-hand feedback from parents as well as experiences of the founders, a verified list of genuine, licensed and legitimate service providers was compiled to connect parents with each other. All those listed in the services section came to be because of their passion for what they do and their enthusiasm to help new parents as well. We, at Indie Project Store, aim to build a safe and open community run by parents for parents to share ideas, network and enable conscious and mindful parenting.

Indie Project Store - Logo


How do we give back to the world?

Indie Project Store, true to its name, works with local NGO’s and multiple small businesses across India to manufacture their clothing and provide employment opportunities to empower women from marginalised communities. We try our best to source products from ethical, sustainable and community engaging businesses and all our pieces are carefully curated with the intention of supporting a cause within the community.