Hand Block Printing by Nuaa Designs

Hand block printing is a very slow process. A new story is written every time a printer's block, dipped in colour, meets the fabric. The beauty of printing by hand lies in the fact that no two chappas or prints are ever the same. It depends upon the placement of the block, the pressure applied at the time of printing, the positions of the hand and block and consistency of the colours and so many other tiny details that make printing by hand so unique. In today's world when almost everything is written in the binary script of computers there are still some who are scripting stories by hand on fabric. All nuaa products are such stories.

Tugbug Ghoda

So, let me take you on a printing journey with Bhao-Bhao, one of our most popular motifs. Our pack of cute doggies was first drawn by hand on paper, then our block maker chiselled them on wood to make hand-carved wooden blocks. Our bhao-bhao block can be printed in 3 colours, that is, it has 1 outline and 2 fillers. The outline and fillers are each separate, hand-carved wooden blocks. Every time we print bhao-bhao on our anghrakhas, shirts, lehengas or dohars, we first dip the outline-block in one colour; then we add the two fillers, one after another, in different colours each. 

Monkey and Paws

Bhutkun is nuaa’s kids wear range. Bhutkun means ‘small’ in Maithili and it is made with a lot of love for our tiny people. All our products are made with soft, breathable handloom cotton. We’ve hand block printed them in our in-house created motifs  using kid-friendly water-based pigment colours.

Chiraiya Lehenga

Please browse through the collection of kids wear and accessories such as frocks, lehengas, skirts, anghrakhas, shorts, kurtas, dohars, bedsets and accessories for girls, boys as well as unisex products at www.nuaadesigns.com.