Preparing for Your New Born

I was a bit lost with what I needed to get before I got my tummy roll home. Indian
traditions say you shouldn't buy anything before your child is born, superstition yes, possibly also just a way to tell you to lower your expectations just in case complications of whatever nature may arise. After-all, birthing is not an easy feat, mothers go through hell and back when in labour. However, me being the enthusiastic chicken that I am, ditched all beliefs and got a go ahead from my mother to make baby related purchases when I started month 9 ( 32 weeks) and I jumped on that internet browser like a starved dog. ​

The below list could also double up as a items for your newborn hospital bag. My
hospital has a Born Babies store at their foyer, however I would prefer to read up,
research and then make purchases rather than buy stuff owing to the lack of choices and time constraint.

Here is a list of stuff I bought mentioned against them are the quantities as well, so you could have a general idea of what went into the baby's wardrobe. I kept in mind the number of gifts I would  receive, clothing, accessories and toys so didn't make any purchases of those kind. Besides, babies tend to grow pretty quickly and wanted to save the "cute clothes" money for when I could wear-it-till-it-shreds at a later age. This is just what I thought would suffice, because I know the initial few months are just trial and error and I could work things out more relaxed later.

  • Pampers new born - I bought the smallest pack available *
  • Water wipes - 4 *
  • Dry sheet - 1 *
  • Blankets - 2
  • Muslin Swaddle - 3 *
  • Soft fleece towels - 5 *
  • Going home outfit - 1 *
  • Cotton Jablas - 6 *
  • Hand me down baby clothes - 1
  • Coconut oil *
  • Diaper/Nappy Liners – 15 cut from old soft cotton sarees *
  • Flats – 10 *
  • Prefolds – 4 
  • Nappies Cloth – 20 *
  • Wet bag *
  • Newborn diaper cover - 2 *
  • Newborn Cloth Diapers - 5
  • One Size Cloth Diapers - 3
  • High contrast image book - 1 *

All those marked with (*) are to signify what went into the hospital bag. You can vary the quantities based on how many days you estimate at the hospital or your birth plan. 

Preparing for Your New Born
- xoxo

 Blogpost by Rinu Ananth.

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