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Society's definition of success is just one definition of success. Dr. Mala Srikanth has become successful in every other way. Her life story is nothing less than a roller coaster ride, and like a true thrill junkie, she has enjoyed the rises and falls. Her journey, from a doctor in the armed forces to knitting in the hills of Uttarakhand, is something everyone must hear! She has served as a doctor in the Indian Air Force; practiced medicine for 30 years, including 12 years in Oman, and is now helping to revive the art form of high-quality hand-knitting with women in the hills of Ranikhet and in the process help them be financially strong and emotionally independent.

Needles To Say More has evolved from a blog into a full fledged producer of hand-knits. Starting with a dream to produce high quality hand knitted garments, a small team of six women were trained extensively in knitting skills to make beautiful hand-knits for sale. The focus, from day one, has been on fostering and supporting the art of hand-knitting.

Their products are sold online, at the local Kumaon Regiment Center and at their studio.

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About the wonderful team of women, who have a huge part to play in the success of "Needles to Say More" , they are one bunch of determined and highly skilled individuals. Joining the team, they have gained financial independence, overcome prejudice of the society, indulge in conversations about family, health, social norms and so much more. 

Dr Mala says “By watching me being comfortable with my single status, being proud of my un-wed daughters and by wearing similar outfits for work, weddings and everything else in-between, the women seem to be realising the insidious damage wreaked by the blind acceptance of social norms. Taking responsibility for their health, limiting births, giving their work more priority than social functions, setting up a self-help group and supporting each other—these are some of the positive side-effects of working for this fledgling project,”.

Giving back to society and sustainability are two important concepts that go hand in hand. Giving back to society involves supporting the community and making a positive impact on people's lives. NTSM values, mission and goals are build around these concepts.

Dr. Mala says that her project is a tiny sapling but she knows in her heart that it has immense potential. As the brand continues to focus on growing but quality will always be top priority.

In Dr. Mala's words "Since the entire focus on NTSM is on quality, the burgeoning business is a happy side-effect. My focus continues to be on bringing pride into knitting, in helping the knitters gain self-worth and confidence in their ability to knit well, and the joys of the knitting sisterhood". 

And as always, we wish for Dr Mala Srikanth to fulfil all her dreams and desires. 

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